Custom software for your small business? Yes!

Small business software with an enterprise attitude!

Maybe you have an older software application going out-of-service with no further support from the original vendor.  We can put a new (inter)face on that, and migrate your existing data to a new, supported application.

Or, maybe you want to take parts of several applications and put them together, refining the functionality that you need and leaving out the features no one uses, or maybe you just want to start from scratch, building a custom system that works the way you do!

We build custom database solutions that run internally on your computers and/or network, using the latest Microsoft technologies.  Our products integrate with tools you use every day, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.  Our specialty is working with small or growing businesses with little or no internal IT support.  We make it easy to get the same enterprise-quality software at mom-and-pop-shop prices.  Let us help you put the pieces together!

Crow River Tech, LLC, is a Minnesota-owned, managed and supported independent software provider.   Incorporated in 2006 we provide enterprise-quality software for small businesses across North America and beyond.  Every aspect of our company is “made in America”… our products are designed, coded and supported in central Minnesota.

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