1-Stop Software LogoOur products are easy-to-use Windows desktop applications “made in the USA”.  Get a free 30-day trial version and complete user guides from our downloads page and try before you buy.  All products are listed below and can be purchased securely using PayPal or a major credit card.  Prices below are for single-user licenses; please contact us for information on networked/multi-user versions for any product.

All products are delivered via download. Please check your email for the download link which will be delivered within 24 hours of purchase. If not received with the 24 hours, please contact us at support@1-stepsoftware.com.


 1-Step Appraisals 

Appraisals-1Create professional appraisals for jewelry, collectibles and more! Designed for non-techy users, 1-Step Appraisals manages appraisals and personal property details in a simple one-screen interface. The integrated Address Book prints labels for mailings and you can even Mail Merge your contact information with MS Word for form letters or ad mailings.  To create a new appraisal simply click “New” on the toolbar, select the customer name from the Address Book and all of the customer information is copied to the appraisal. You can add as many items as you like to each appraisal, including digital images (direct from your camera or scanner) and print or email the finished appraisal directly to the customer.  You can also print or email an invoice for your services so you can include your bill with the appraisal with virtually no extra effort. See the “Standard Options” listed on the bottom of our Support page for additional features.  Single User License ………. $99.95


1-Step Contacts 

CRM-1Easily track names, addresses, meetings and more with 1-Step Contacts. 1-Step Contacts stores company information, associated contacts and contact notes with an integrated calendar schedule for tracking appointments, meetings and more.  It’s designed for offices or small groups within a large corporation who need a central database for sharing customer or other contact information. Users can document customer interaction with notes, mileage and time spent. Features include our Emailer utility (see 1-Step Emailer [below] for details), full text search capabilities, including Excel & Word attachments, a customizable dashboard and scheduled notifications to  automate your office by automatically sending reports or emails to users based on the criteria you defineSee the “Standard Options” listed on the bottom of our Support page for additional features.  Single User License ………. $99.95


Invoices-11-Step Invoices – (Coming Soon!)

1-Step Invoices will automate your estimates and invoices and manage your customer information in one easy-to-use application.  It starts with the CRM features (see above), then adds product management so you can simply pick your products or services from a drop-down list on the estimates/invoices page.  Print or email invoices (requires Outlook [not included]) with just a click.  Release date estimated by April 1, 2016.


1-Step File Emailer

Emailer-1Email Marketing has never been easier! Copy and paste your list of email addresses, select the message to send in Outlook, and “click!” they’re gone! The easiest tool to send mass emails you’ll ever use! 1-Step Emailer makes sending announcements or marketing materials quick and easy.  1-Step Emailer is a Windows Desktop application that integrates with any version of Windows Outlook 2007 or above.  Simply copy email addresses from a spreadsheet or text file (exported from virtually any other application), or use your own Outlook Address Book’s contacts, select the message to send in Outlook and click the “Send” button.  Emails are sent one at a time, with the email address in the “Send To” field, NOT the BCC field, which triggers servers to mark your messages as SPAM and consequently kicks them back to you. All sent messages are just like your other sent messages: still in Outlook so you have proof of what you sent, when & to whom.   Single User License ………. $99.95

NOTE:  1-Step Emailer is an integrated part of our other software applications such as 1-Step Appraisals, 1-Step Contacts, 1-Step Invoices, and soon-to-be-released 1-Step SalesPro Quote & Sales System (late 2016).  Within those applications it uses the email addresses stored in the Contacts (or Address table in Appraisals) tables each database for sending mass emails, in addition to integrating with your Outlook contacts and simply pasting email addresses into it.  This standalone version does NOT store any email addresses.

System Requirements
  • Windows XP(3), Windows 7 or 7.1, Windows 8 or 8.1 or Windows 10 Operating System
  • 4GB RAM (recommended minimum)
  • 10MB Hard Drive space (up to 2GB for a full database) … < 1MB for Backup/Emailer apps.
  • Internet connection for downloading software & updates

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