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Basic Appraisals

Jewelry & Collectibles Appraisal System

Basic Appraisals makes it easy to create professional appraisals for jewelry, watches, collectibles and more. Designed for non-techy users, Appraisals manages customer information and their personal property details in a simple one-screen interface. You can add as many items as you like to each appraisal, including digital images (direct from your camera or scanner) and print or email the finished appraisal directly to the customer. You can also print or email an invoice for your services so you can include your bill with the appraisal with virtually no extra effort.  Includes data migration utility from 1-Step Appraisals v5 database.


Basic Sales

Estimates, Invoices & Cash Register

Simple, printable & emailable estimates and invoices. Stores your customer list and all sales history with full reports that tell you where your $$$ is. Includes sales tax tables for all U.S. states. Enter your products and/or services with standard prices, then just pick the items from a list to populate the estimate or invoice. Estimates can be changed to a Invoice with a click! Quick-fill receipts that updates each invoice in a single click.

Use the secure Cash Register at trade shows or in your shop, directly adds sales the invoicing system.


Basic Property Manager

Track Rental and Investment Properties

Track all of your rental properties, expenses and income, in our simple Property Management system. Start with our standard Contacts page, which stores all “people” and “company” information, then add each property, including photos. Track rent income, repairs and any other income and expenses associated to each. Includes the list of tax categories standard on a Federal tax return for Schedule C. Simple assign each entry to a category and your income tax information is complete.


Basic Planner

Event & Project Scheduler

Map out any projects or events on our drag-and-drop gaant chart. Start with our standard Contacts page, which stores all “people” and “company” information, then link any event or project to one or more contacts. View the scheduler by Day, Week, Month or Quarter and filter by any field. When you move a bar, it automatically updates the data behind it. Print the full scheduling chart with just a click. As with all basic products, a full reporting system is included.


Version 6 includes these new features:

  • Support for standalone SQL databases (SQLite)
  • Easy, integrated data conversion from 1-Step Version 5 products
  • New sleek, FAST interface
  • … and much more!

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