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Our basic Products are easy-to-use, out-of-the-box Windows desktop applications that are just right for your business whether you work alone or with 100+ employees.  They can scale from a single user to unlimited network users with no upsell.

Out-of-the-box ready, easy to install, easy to use. All product downloads are FULL versions, limited only to a 30-day trial period.  Before your trial period is up, you can simply purchase a license and continue using it without any conversions or data loss. 

basic Appraisals – NEW Version 7!

basic Appraisals makes it easy to create professional appraisals for jewelry, watches, collectibles and more. You can add as many items as you like to each appraisal, including digital images (direct from your camera or scanner) and print or email the finished appraisal directly to the customer.  Includes Contacts and Planner (Scheduler), plus all standard features (click the Support link above for more information).

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basicAppraisals Jewelry & Collectibles Appraisal System – Version 7.01.8653 (6.94 MB)

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Upgrade Availability:   Just check the Version Number on the basic Product on this page and compare it to the Release Number displayed on your application’s Main Toolbar (first window that opens).  As long as the first two numbers are the same, you can download any later release and install it without needing a new Product Key.  For example, if your version says “Release 7.01.7789” and the new release is “7.01.7855”, you can download and install it (please uninstall the previous version first).  You will not be prompted for a product key, and all of your settings and data will be the same.

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