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basic Contacts

Contacts is the backbone of all of our business products.  Manage all of your business and people information in one easy page; link related contacts together with a click.  Manage email campaigns with the Emailer feature, which interacts with Microsoft Outlook (not included) for sending mass updates and/or promotions to your customers with just a few clicks!

Contacts has all standard featuresClick the Downloads link above to download a full product sheet and a full 30-day trial.

basic Contacts, Single User License……….$99.00    

basic Appraisals

Appraisals makes it easy to create professional appraisals for jewelry, watches, collectibles and more. You can add as many items as you like to each appraisal, including digital images (direct from your camera or scanner) and print or email the finished appraisal directly to the customer.

Includes Contacts and Appraisals, plus all standard features. Click the Downloads link above to download a product sheet and a full 30-day trial.

basic Appraisals, Single User License……….$99.00    

basic Sales

Simple, printable & email-able estimates and invoices. Enter your products and/or services with standard prices, then just pick the items from a list to populate the estimate or invoice. Estimates can be changed to a Invoice with a click!  Includes Contacts, Product Catalog, Invoices, plus all standard features.

basic Sales is also available with our secure Cash Register for easy POS (point-of-sale) functionality at trade shows or in your shop.  The Cash Register directly integrates with Invoices, supports bar code scanners and printing bar coded labels for tagging products.  Includes Contacts, Product Catalog, Invoices, Cash Register and full replication utilities to sync multiple computers, plus all standard features. Click the Downloads link above to download a product sheet and a full 30-day trial

Version 6 includes these new features:

  • Support for standalone SQL databases (SQLite)
  • Easy, integrated data conversion from 1-Step Version 5 products
  • New sleek, FAST interface
  • Bar and Pie Charts
  • Color-coded Navigator
  • Copy worksheets to Microsoft Excel with a single click!
  • … and much more!

Our Version 6 products have been redesigned for consistency across applications. Here’s the scoop:

  • basic Contacts is the upgraded version of 1-Step Contacts. The “Contacts” tab (for related people) is now treated the same for companies and persons alike; each has a record in the Navigator. It also has a two-way linking feature so you can tie one or more records to others.  For example, Joe Smith has his own individual record, but works for ABC Clocks. You can link the two records together so that you can easily find Joe while looking at the ABC Clocks record, and you can see that he’s linked to ABC Clocks when viewing his information. The data migrator makes the changes automatically, so any records that were entered on the “Contacts” tab in 1-Step Contacts are moved to the main page.
  • The Address Book in 1-Step Appraisals has been upgraded in basic Appraisals to the same format you now see in basic Contacts.
  • The “Contacts” section in all other products (basic Appraisals, basic Sales… and more products to come!) is the same as basic Contacts.  
  • Thinking about a custom combination?  Contact us at and we’ll quote you a price on putting the right combination of functionality together for you!

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  •  LinkLock Password Keeper – Got passwords?  LinkLock stores URLS and passwords simply and safely… just double-click to open a website and use Ctrl+V to paste in your password.  Auto-generate secure 8-character and 12-character passwords with a single click.  Import your favorites from IE with a single click!  Version 6.01.7212 (261 KB)

When download is complete, right-click and choose “Extract All Files” to extract the LinkLock.exe file.  See the Product Sheet for how to get started.

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